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  • Chiara’s Diary is a 30 minute film created by Europa Galante’s founder director Fabio Biondi together with writer and director Lucrezia Le Moli to be shown as part of performances by Europa Galante.

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  • Drawing on the personal diary of this remarkable musician who was taught by Antonio Vivaldi, the film and programme take audiences through Chiara’s personal journey (born in 1718 and still active in 1770) and the music written for her by Vivaldi and his contemporaries.

    Chiara’s Diary, the story of an orphan hidden from the eyes of the world but present thanks to her artistic voice, takes audiences through a whole era of transition between the baroque and gallant style.

    Performed to acclaim at the 2015 Hong Kong Arts Festival, this film is available worldwide to accompany a performance by Europa Galante, led by violinist and director Fabio Biondi.


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About Chiara

"Chiaretta will certainly be the first violin of Europe" wrote Charles de Brosses the 29th August 1739, while he was listening to the young girl playing hidden by the gratings of the church of the Pieta hospital in Venice. One of the orphans under the guidance of the great Antonio Vivaldi was performing, tearing emotion and amazement, in a passionate act of communication with the outside world unknown and forbidden.

Chiara’s performances were of such quality that they attracted dedication by the most famous local composers who composed pieces expressly for her. Chiaretta has been and is an emblematic figure of this extraordinary phenomenon of musical talent at the Venetian institutions expressed during almost 40 years of loyalty and consecration to the violin, viola d'amore, organ and singing.

"The solo performances are incandescent, veering between searing lyricism and precocious virtuosity...Chiara's Diary is dramatised as a monologue set against musical excerpts. It's Chiara's music, and the players' performances, that capture the heart."

BBC Music Magazine, May 2014

"Impeccably played … one which all lovers of the Italian Baroque should not miss"

Early Music Review, April 2014

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